Yemi is a practicing Barrister & Solicitor in the Province of Alberta. She has a Master’s degree in law from the University of Alberta and she is currently a lawyer with the firm of Durocher Simpson Koehli & Erler LLP.

Having lived independently from a young age, Yemi understands the importance of strong institutions, particularly the school system, in shaping the character and future of the youth.

Her interest in youth development and education dates back to her days in Nigeria where she presided over and mentored young people and later earned her degree in law from one of Nigeria’s foremost universities, the University of Ibadan.

Yemi has lived in Alberta for 10years and has been engaged in youth development for a substantial part of this period, through different channels. She focuses on making a meaningful impact in the lives of youths by connecting with, engaging and mentoring them. She serves as a Sunday school and Children’s church teacher and volunteered with the Girls’ Time Out program, a program which seeks to help young ladies become the best they can be in spite of societal pressures and challenges. She also volunteered with the Maskwacis Outreach (Hobbema), helping vulnerable families find their purpose.

The opportunity to have lived and studied in both Nigeria and Canada brings a rare perspective having seen firsthand the outcomes of impaired structures and their effects on the youth.

She hopes to focus on improving the quality of educational outcomes, encouraging choice and diversity, fostering creativity and innovation and collaborating with parents and school staff towards achieving an improved and a responsive school system.

Yemi is happily married with three children.